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virginia with hundreds of buses joining the post holiday. it's called terrible traffic tuesday. we have the problem spots coming up. coming up, where last- minute campaigning will be focused. and as president obama calls for work on roads, rails and airports, other projects to stimulate the economy. he's facing controversy as we move closer to the mid-term election. fox 5 morning news starts rights now. well it is tuesday morning, september 7th, 2010. got some sun out there this morning. temperatures are quite comfortable. another hot one though. we'll try to extend summer one more day. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we'll get to weather and traffic in a moment. but as we mentioned, it's back to school for students in northern virginia today. arlington, fairfax, loudoun and prince william county are
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headed back, with alexandria city, falls church, fairfax city and manassas park schools. we have much more on the first day back coming up later this morning. let's check in with tony perkins and get a look at the forecast for this tuesday morning. >> a fine forecast. hi, allison. for those of you heading out to school, a fine forecast for your commute. later on it will be warm but quiet. no rain on the horizon for today or the day after that or the day after that. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. here in d.c., it's 70 degrees. but much of the area is in the 60s. baltimore at 62, 64 at dulles. fredericksberg, virginia, 69 degrees. and in hagerstown it is 65 degrees. so a pleasant start to the day with plenty of sunshine. if anything you'll find slowdowns on the roads due to the sunshine this morning. here is your satellite radar. no clouds to speak of, just a couple here and there. mostly clear skies and bright sunshine as sunrise was officially 18 minutes ago,
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something like that. and then as the day progresses, we'll see more in the way of sunshine. so your day planner looks like this: mostly sunny, warmer today, highs in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees for some of you. not a bad day at all. that's a look at the weather. we'll have more coming up in just a little bit. steve, back to you. >> tony, thank you very much. we do have a traffic alert for you this morning. it is terrible traffic tuesday, according to triple-a mid- atlantic. you can thank combination of back to school and back from vacation traffic. d.c. metro has the second worst gridlock in the nation. joining us from along the beltway, john townsend. good morning. >> good morning. >> i guess we can be glad we don't have the worst. >> we have the second worst. look at this on 95 and 495. the concourse of 95 and 495,
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absolute gridlock. this will take almost 45 minutes to untangle and if you're here and you don't see or hear us, your stuck in absolute gridlock. >> how much can we blame on this terrible traffic tuesday, back to school and back to work, as opposed to any other tuesday this time of year? >> well if you live in this area, you know it's been a bad summer. especially in summer with all of the construction going on. but now this is ground zero because everyone comes back to work, everybody is back from vacation and all of the school systems are operational today and that explains this next us of gridlock that we see here today and will feel throughout the area. think about this, there are 3 million workers in our area, 1.5 million of them will drive to work alone. 500,000 people on metro. and you have to include metro buses also, another 200,000 persons. and then 1 million school kids all back in school today.
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>> when we look at the big picture today, john, you mentioned people driving to work alone. is that the solution, to team up, or is there a better way to alleviate the traffic tie-ups. >> there is a better way. that is car pooling, van pooling. getting in slug lines. the biggest growth we've seen in the last decade is telecommuting. 25% of our work force teleworks one day a week and it has eliminated the problem. we had 1.7 million people driving to work and now we have 1.5 million. >> john townsend from triple-a. thank you very much. let's find the traffic spots with julie wright. >> there in college park is the
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hot spot, one of them on 95 and westbound toward silver spring. bumper-to-bumper slow there. the latest crash eastbound 66 before you reach 29, centreville. fire and rescue tieing up the far right lane. so out of manassas into centreville, slow traffic continuing leaving 7100 to 123 and nutley street to the beltway. it's fair to say everybody is back home from vacation and heading back to school. outer loop slowing again from college park toward silver spring with southbound 270 on the brakes leaving 109 out of hyattstown. south of mva, more delays at 370 and falls road toward the split. northbound 95 at 175, authorities are checking for a crash at that location. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the big story we're following this morning, the president feeling the heat boxed in by the economy and negative polling numbers. white house may have to regroup ahead of the mid-term election. doug luzader from capitol hill.
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>> reporter: some liberals are beginning to question white house strategy and for the president the pressure is starting to show. >> hello, milwaukee. >> reporter: you couldn't have imagined a friendlier crowd. the same group that helps him become president. and he in turn almost confided in them. >> they talk about me like a dog. [ applause ] >> that's not in my prepared remarks, but it's true. >> at least dogs have a good sense to bury they're bone and save it for a rainy day and not spend it. >> reporter: some democrats have been grumbling that obama is laying a poor foundation for the november mid-term election. and the polls don't offer much hope either. the polling average shows his approval numbers are now upside down with a 49% disapproval. his shake-up of the white house
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staff. republicans sense blood in the water and happy to try to shut down whatever remains of the president's agenda. >> if i said the skys would blue, they would say no. if i said fish live in the sea, they would say no. >> reporter: the president is trying to score some points too but there isn't much time left in the game. even as he tries to find refuge in a friendly crowd. and the president's plan to spend another $50 billion in infrastructure isn't going overall that well in congress. republicans have just -- are just flat out against it and many democrats are not too thrills about the idea of more spending. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. making headlines this morning, the race for mayor in the district is entering the home stretch. we are now one week out from primary elections and the democratic primarily will likely determine who is washington's next mayor. sherry ly is live in southeast with more this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. you can see all of the campaign
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signs up here at this early polling location in southeast d.c. today mayor fenty got some much-needed help with an endorsement from the washington examiner saying fenty deserves and d.c. needs him for four more years but right now fenty's popularity is waning and his challenging, council chairman vincent gray has a lead in the polls. with one week to go, fenty spent the labor day for a raleigh. he's facing an uphill battle against gray. gray met with teachers and rallied with his supporters yesterday. both candidates are crisscrossing the cities looking for early votes. early voting already underway and neither candidate is waiting until tuesday. >> we're priming the pump. we want to get the numbers in the polls as high as they can
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be and the only way to do so is to start voting early. >> we're out all day and we'll be out all day from now until the 14th. >> now that early voting is in full swing. right now five sites are open throughout the city, including this one here at hine junior high school. this is the first time it's done early voting, which is the wild card in this election. nobody is sure how that will impact things come tuesday and which candidates might stand to benefit. there is no republican in this primary, which means whichever democrat wins next tuesday should have a lock on things come november. that's the latest here in southeast, allison, back to you. >> and our coverage of the race continues on head to our website to watch friday's debate in its entirety and we are giving you a chance to post your thoughts and your comments, everything you need
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to follow your heated race is just a click away. steve. coming up on fox 5 morning news, a devastating fire claims the lives of nearly 30 horses. up next, the flames captured on video as people rushed in to try to save dozens of thoroughbreds. and plus labor day marks the end of summer and this one is going away for a few months. what did you do this summer? did you have to scale back your plan this is summer. what a lot of people say they couldn't do this year. ai
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i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my child's education. it's cool how the union makes it almost impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dc's teachers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at
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thanks, teachers unions. it is time to head back to school and that means more people on the road this is morning. here is a look at the beltway at 95. it is slow-going because you
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have book to school and back to work and plus everybody else that has somewhere to go this morning. so be careful. we'll check in with julie in a minute and get a look at the world of traffic. it's a beautiful morning. >> and the sunshine might slow you down because we have bright sunshine if you're headed east. >> that's right. >> and our temperatures are fine. and it's a really fine start to the day. it will be nice. let's look at the current conditions being reported at reagan national. right now 69 degrees. we've dropped off. 69 degrees and humidity 79%. winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. barometric pressure is steady. here are your temperatures around the nation. warm to mild in the eastern half of the nation. cool in the western half, for the most part. there is a frontal boundary that goes through wichita and then through the border of iowa and illinois up through wisconsin. that's where the frontal boundary is. to the east temperatures in the 60s and 70s and behind it
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temperatures in the 50s. that cool air will makes it way here later in the week. there is a look at your satellite radar, the most active area, there it is, southern texas, tropical storm hermine making an appearance in texas and with the bulk across southern and central texas. that's where the latest rainfall is and windy conditions as well. here is your forecast for today and the next five days. high today 89 degrees. plenty of sunshine today. a few more clouds will be added in tomorrow. 88 for the high. but then thursday, friday and saturday, highs around 80 degrees. it does look like we'll be dry again this week. this is its 16th day in a row without measurable precipitation in washington. we could use some rain. >> we need help on the roads. let's check on this terrible traffic tuesday with julie
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wright. >> you just bumped in with 95 at college park and for traffic westbound it's slow to georgia avenue. northbound 95 slow approaching 175. tony mentioned sunshine in your face from the east, here is the live shot of 66 headed east of nutley street right here at cedar lane toward the beltway. and that sunshine smacking you right in the face and already delays out of manassas into centreville. more slow traffic leaving 50 fair oaks to 123 and after nutley street to the beltway. the beltway inner loop in virginia on the slow side leaving annandale to merrifield. south on 270 out of germantown, bumper-to-bumper inching along working south of 118 toward mva. then more slow traffic at 370 and from falls road toward the split. what can i say? welcome back from vacation and welcome back to school. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. for the late of the weather and traffic updates any time of the day, plus more information
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about our apps for the iphone, droid or blackberry, go to and you'll find it all there. making headlines, jury selection begins today in a high profile case in fairfax county. prosecutors will try once again to get the death penalty for alfredo preto for the murder and rape of a woman in reston and the murder of her boyfriend. this is the prosecution's third attempt. a resentencing was ordered when the supreme court jury was given an improper form. he was extradited from california where he was already on death row for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl. that case got tied up in appeals. a devastating fire claims the lives of 27 thoroughbred horses near charles town races in west virginia. three barns went up in flames in ran son early yesterday morning. dozens of people nearby including workers from
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charlestown casino tried to help the animals. they were able to save 20 horses but fire investigators say the flames spread too quickly in the wooden barns. fire officials are looking into what caused this fire. they say they aren't ruling out anything at this point. as travelers return home from the holiday weekend, they will also be greeted by a harsh reality. there are only two weeks left of summer. and some americans are reflecting on exactly what they did and how the economy played a part. brenda flanagan has more. >> we went camping. >> we decided to stay home. >> reporter: so what did you do this summer? for most americans summer is prime vacation time. time to get away from it for a few days or longer. but for more and more people, a vacation is just a dream. >> she went to florida this year but i couldn't because i
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didn't have enough money and it was expensive to get into the parks. >> reporter: more and more people blame the economy for cutting down vacation plans. >> this is an issue that will not go away even if you are on vacation. what we are seeing is the types of activities that people take part in during the summer, they are those that don't cost a whole lot. >> reporter: according to a poll, the top vacation industries are those that are free. 69% of americans said they read books. 60% watched fireworks and 59% spent playing cards or board games. >> maybe it's not something you do every single day but being part of the 4th of july or after a baseball game fireworks display is something that americans have come to expect with summer vacation. >> reporter: the rasmussen survey showed that 59% enjoyed cookouts or barbecues, 59% took a dip in the pool or lake and 48% took in a movie.
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but according to the mass museen survey, only 35% of americans went to the beach. >> my friends had jobs from before the economy crashed so i couldn't go with them. >> reporter: and many people, like those in philadelphia, took a staycation. >> some people prior to the economy getting bad couldn't afford to do anything now. it's challenging just to put gas in your car. >> reporter: and they hope the economy is better next year. brenda flanagan, fox news. and protest overseas because of an american pastors plan to burn the coran. stories coming up next. and plus another confession from van der sloot. and later this morning, some of d.c.'s chic salons and holly has much more on this coming up. !%
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several hundred people protesting in afghanistan against a florida pastor's plan to burn copies of the coran on soil. about 500 rallied in kabul calling for the president obama's death. they are planning to condemn the ritual as well. but the pastor at the church said the criticism will not stop him from burning the coran. he said it is an evil book that is against the bible. the confession from the man at the center of the investigation into the disappearance of natalee holloway, joran van der sloot admitted he extorted them because he made their life
7:25 am
tough. van der sloot is in jail charged with killing a 21-year- old peruvian woman in south america. friends and loved ones are mourning the loss of a little rock 9. jefferson thomas was one of the nine teen ager who's changed the face of the civil right movement. they integrated central high school back in 1959, a first real test of the supreme court desegregation. he died of pancreatic cancer. he was 63 years old. back to school for virginia. >> and as we look at merrifield school in alexandria, the combination of back to school and back to work traffic means big-time volume on the roads and we'll get the latest on the traffic and the forecast coming up next. it's 7:25. c
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making headlines this morning, we are getting world that the wildfires in colorado have destroyed dozens of homes and some belonged to firefighters. they've already forced more than a thousand people to evacuate their homes. the wildfires covering 6 square miles.
7:29 am
strong winds were spreading the flames and 100 firefighters are battling the fire. no injuries so far. tropical storm hermine pounded the northeast coast of mexico and has moved into south texas. some folks put down sandbags to protect their homes. the storm made landfall with maximum sustained winds of 65 mile-per-hour. it is expected to drop as much as a foot of rain battered by hurricane alex back in june. >> coming up on 7:30 and let's look at the forecast. every day is an extension of summer, we try to hold on as long as we can. >> we have summer like temperatures in the upper 80s and past labor day it's also the return of the bus stop forecast. that's what we're starting with this morning. kids are heading out and getting ready for school this morning. take a look. fine conditions across the area. we have mostly clear skies. sunshine and mild temperatures. temperatures primarily in the upper 60s, some of you are in the low to mid-60s, but not a
7:30 am
bad start to the day. sunrise was at 6:42. let's look at the temperature trend for the next few days. today temperature above normal. our normal is 82. we'll be at 89 for today. 88 for tomorrow. so a warm start to the week. but the end of the week cools off. highs below normal. around 80 degrees or in the upper 70s thursday and friday. plenty of sunshine but a cold front comes through to drop the temperatures. current temperatures around the region. primarily in the 60s. we're at 69 here in the district. 64 in gaithersburg. 69 at quantico. stevensville at 72. winchester at 64 degrees at this hour. satellite radar composite for the eastern united states, at least our region. things are fine this morning. a couple of clouds here and there, that is about it. out to west, i mentioned the cold front. it's well out to the west. it doesn't get here until thursday morning or wednesday night, something like that. when it comes through, it will bring cold air but there is not
7:31 am
much in the way of precipitation with this frontal boundary so we don't expect any rain. here is your forecast for washington for today. mostly sunny skies, quite warm this afternoon. high about 89 degrees, falling yesterday's official high of 87 degrees. a quiet week. not much in the way of rain. in fact today is the 16th day in a row where we've had no measurable rain in washington and it looks like we'll keep going through the week the way things are looking right now. that's a look at the weather. now let's go to julie wright and get an update on traffic. bumper-to-bumper today as everybody is back from vacation and back to school. which is kind of what we expected. we're looking at 270. out of rockville the pace not bad at 28. at least it's moving. we showed you the camera shot a few moments ago of germantown where it was gridlocked south of 118 toward mva. so this is a little better, but again we're back into the swing of things as folks get back to work and back to school and no incidents to report in the main
7:32 am
line but a slow ride toward the split. the outer loop is congested from route 1 college park to georgia avenue. the inner loop slow into the sunshine leaving the area. and 495 across the pentagon and across the 14th street bridge, heavy in the main line, not so busy in the express lanes. slow from springfield up to landmark. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. 7:32 right now. coming up, a week until the primary, one candidate in the district is accusing another of stealing his campaign signs from a supporter's private property. that's coming up next. and also coming up, fall means flu season and it's more than just an annoyance for a lot of folks. more than 30,000 people die each year of complications of the flu. so who needs to get a shot this year and how early should you get it? we'll take a closer look. this droid has evolved to do even more.
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now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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it's back to school for students in northern virginia today. here is who is headed back. arlington, fairfax, loudoun and prince william counties, along with alexandria city, falls church city, fairfax city, manassas city and manassas park schools. joining us now by phone, dr. jack dale, superintendent of fairfax county public schools. dr. dale, you are on the move today. tell us about your morning. >> well i started at madison high school greeting kids as the high schools start first and now i'm on my way over to heyfield secondary school where we have a new principal and then i'm visiting elementary schools and finish my school visits by about 2:00 this afternoon. >> and now seeing the superintendent out there has to fire up the people in the main office and the students. why would go the extra step today on a real busy day? >> this is the day when we start school. it's an exciting time for kids and it's really rewarding to
7:37 am
see even the young kids and older kids come into school for the first time for the school year. >> sure. tell us about what you outlined. you were a guest on the show. but tell us about the big goals this year and what students and parents can expect. >> the main thing is to keep our focus on high quality learning at the high school level. how to make sure our kids are college and work-ready when they graduate from high school. and we try to point out to the kids, at high school and younger, it's time to begin to explore your own areas of passionate interest, if it's in automotive technology, i was talking to some kids this morning, or journalism or history, whatever that might be, this is the time to begin to explore through some of the electives we offer at the high school level. >> your big goal this year also trying to close that achievement gap. what are some ways you're looking to do this? >> well the best way we found
7:38 am
to close achievement gaps, and we're doing that now for three or four years in a row, is to intentionally focus on individual kids and ask the question, have they learned the material and, if not, why not and what can we do to help them learn the material and the best way to do that is to help teachers analyze that information with one another so they can collectively learn to help the student. and sometimes it's with a different teacher or a different technique and we try to have our teachers share expertise to help in the process. >> each year population grows. that's one of the good things about the area and some say one of the bad things about the area, but you are in the process or tell me have you already made the new hires that you are making and also dealing with more students this year? >> for the last several years we have grown anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 students, and that was after having several
7:39 am
years of flat enrollment and now we're continuing to grow. so we'll be near 177,000 kids this school year. but the good news is compared to last year, we are able to hire sufficient teachers so we do not have to increase class size. the bad news is we had to increase class size one and two years ago and we have not been able to recover from that by adding any more teachers. but the good news is we did stop hiring teachers [ inaudible ] >> and you have a new plan to use the school buses more efficiently this year. tell the parents about that. >> over the last several years we've redesigned or routes to become much more sufficient and that saved us millions of dollars. this year the next stage we're doing is having special needs children ride separate buses, but be integrated with regular education students so we can
7:40 am
utilize all buses sufficiently as possible. and it's -- our transportation department has floated as an idea last year and we're going full force this year. >> well for the 177,000 kids in your district there in fairfax county and you, yourself, good luck today and this entire school year. >> thank you so much. and as they head back to school, kids are facing bullies and through cell phones. and we'll look at ways to prevent dullying and help those who have victims and what to do if your child is the bully. that's coming up in the next hour. steve. our sports headlines right now. a tough loss for the number ten ranked virginia tech hokies at fedex field last night as they
7:41 am
fell to the third ranked boise state. they scored the winning touchdown with over a minute to go. unfortunately virginia tech on the losing end there. maryland terps on the winning end, holding on to beat navy. the terps stopped the midshipmen on the goal line with less than a minute to go. this game being played in baltimore. the final score maryland 17, navy 14. and it is time to vote for the high school football game of the week. the choices are on your screen. those are your choices. to vote go to and pick on the -- click on the sports tab. it is a global celebration of the fashion industry and the retail industry and one of the big events is happening here in the district. and holly is all over it. hi, holly. >> reporter: it's one of the best ways to help the economy, steve. come on. we are talking about fashions night in georgetown. we're going to show you firsthand why you need to come here and see and be seen when
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it comes to style. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. 
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7:44. making headlines. accusations of stolen campaign signs in the race for ward five council. the owner of capital city diner
7:45 am
said surveillance captured a candidate removing signs outside of the diner and replacing them with fenty signs. the owner asked her to remove the signs because he only put them up because he felt sorry for one candidate. the owner however denies that story. we are just one week out now from primary elections in the district. the democratic primary will determine washington's next mayor and the candidates are spending the final days out looking for votes. yesterday vincent gray discussed his campaign for reform that focuses on being more inclusive. fenty is touting his record on crime and city services. >> we want do hear from everybody, from parents and teachers and administrators. and even though every decision may not go the way the people want it to go, i think they will feel like they've been heard and respected in the process. >> does anybody know the last time the homicide rate was as
7:46 am
low as it is right now? >> 1966. >> 1966. these days when you walk around d.c., people don't even -- they don't even pay any attention. they take for granted services will work. that's exactly as we want it. >> last night the washington examiner endorsed fenty for re- election, another big factor in the race. this is the first time the district has had early voting. hard to know which candidate will reap the benefits of that. joining us to look at all things political, local to national, lenny steinhorn, good to see you once again. let's start with the mayor race here in d.c. the polls have vincent gray ahead. what might determine the race into the last week here? >> i think momentum is a big part of it right now. you're seeing people moving toward the gray camp. i think fenty is running defensive. i think his message hasn't stuck is that results are all that matter because people are saying results are good but you
7:47 am
have to empower us to be part of the change and people aren't feeling that way and gray has run on the sense that i'm going to empower people to become part of government and that's a stark contrast and style that they are presenting to voters. >> is this a case where it might be the like ability factor that comes into play, not so much that people like gray but a dislike with fenty? that might be working against him at this point. >> to some extent it is. fenty polled high in the black communities in 2006. he's not polling as high now and what they are seeing is a like ability issue and a sense that he's arrogant, pulled away, he doesn't want to get his hands in with the people. i think for politicians, it's not just about change and results, it's got to be about connecting with people. that's what politics is about. and if you don't do that, you'll have a hard time getting elected or re-elected. >> if we try to draw this in when we look at the national picture and use this as a microcosm of that, are voters seeming to have less patience with the people in office
7:48 am
because it doesn't seem like we don't give people that much of a chance. if we don't like it, we bring somebody else in. >> i think what the polls are suggesting is that voters feel disconnected from washington. not like they don't like the results coming out of washington, but they feel that washington is an island of its own. and again, part of politics is getting voters connected to the process of change. making them feel important. making them feel like they have a voice. so during health care, for example, a major achievement. no other democratic president -- no other president has been able to do that. barack obama accomplished that. but his poll numbers go down. because people felt disconnected from the process. they saw deals taking place in washington and they didn't like that. politics is part of deals. you have to make deals to get things done. but they felt like the things were going on inside the citadel of the capitol and where is our voice or our connection. you aren't listening to us. that's very important in politics.
7:49 am
i think all candidates ignore thatal their real peril. >> and so what are voters look for in an incumbent candidate to keep them around. >> i hate to go back to the 1990s but i think there is a little bit of bill clinton "i feel your pain." he was able to cut deals in washington but understood where people were coming from in their daily lives and he was a voice for them and listened to them. politicians these days have to go back and say, i am hearing you, were accomplishing things together and it's because of your voice that we are doing this, let me hear more of what you have to say. and i think it's that missing link that the obama administration hasn't been able to connect and i think the democrats are in peril of being portrayed as the elite party of washington rather than the party of the people. >> let me pick your brain on the maryland governor's race because it's interesting when you have the current governor going up against the former governor. and as we've seen lately, this one is -- looks like it will go
7:50 am
down to the wire. >> well i think martin alley, according to all experts, has done a pretty good job fulfilling his promises and doing what the people have wanted. now he's also been hit with the riptide of the recession and economic woes and difficulties. i think he's not only facing his own problems and failings, facing an attractive candidate who was governor already but facing the national mood and tide. and there is an important factor, which is are who are the motivated voters and the republican party are motivated because they believe they can have a voice. democrats seem complacent and like they are just not motivated to go out there. so in that particular case, if o'malley can get out the democrat base and get them to vote, he has a far better chance of with standing the national tide right now. >> and a lot of people are assuming that the republican push will carry republicans through this election in november and may in fact give
7:51 am
republicans majority when it comes to congress. what then happens to the democrats? do they get energized enough to take that back in 2012? >> it's easier to stand in opposition and get angry at what is going on and i think that's what happened with republicans right now. it's so much harder to governor than to be out on the streets saying what is wrong with the country. and that will generate to the grassroots and labor unions fighting against what they perceive as republican- generated legislation. and i think it will be an interesting position for president obama if the republicans do gain power in one or both houses of congress because we'll have to -- he'll have to figure out how to get things done. it will be a very interesting tight wire walk for him. >> we'll get things started in a week with the d.c. primary and move right on through november. lenny, thank you so much. our coverage continues online at
7:52 am
you can watch our debate on friday between the two leading candidates in its entirety and you can post your thoughts and comments. it's all online, just one click away at fox 5's fashionista holly morris is in her element today. she's in georgetown previewing the fashions night out event that is happening this friday. holly, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. i love when the weather gets cooler, because you know what that means? it's a new season and we can get new clothes, right? listen, shopping is always my campaign to help the economy. and the economy needs it right now. and you can come out and help the economy as well if you come out this friday to georgetown and fashions night out. the first time it's being held here in georgetown. nancy is the marketing director for georgetown business improvement district. she joins me. good to see you. >> good morning. >> reporter: and you can feel the buzz here in georgetown this morning. >> you can. everybody is superexcited. we have over 80 retailers participating so the
7:53 am
neighborhood is excited. >> reporter: and explain what this is. this isn't just a georgetown thing it's a global thing. >> it's a global shopping network started in new york by the fashion council so over 16 global cities around the world and over 100 cities in the u.s. are participating and georgetown is one of them. >> reporter: and why do you think something like this was needed. >> to help the retailers in the recession and it's turned into this global celebration of style and fashion and shopping. >> reporter: and how did d.c. get picked, because you have to be chosen. you can't just say we want to be a part of it. >> when they opened up the registration, that's how we got on board. >> reporter: because they know d.c. is stylish. everybody wants a little part of the nation's capital. the best way it's been described to me has been that it's kind of like halloween for people that like style. so you'll go in different establishments and they'll have treats for you. so we'll give you a preview this morning and we'll start right who needs the u.s. open when
7:54 am
you have wii on m. street courtesy of lecasse. this is mark carter, manager. tell me about this. >> we're excited to do fashion night out. we're going to have a wii tournament where we are encouraging the customers to come in and challenge the staff or challenge each other and at the end of the night going to raffle off a wii system. >> reporter: oh, you are? >> yes. we are excited about that. >> reporter: and sometimes d.c. gets kicked to the back in terms of not being a fashionable city. >> very true. but we're not like new york, we like to wear color. you should go all out. >> reporter: we like to wear color from the man dressed entirely in black. and they sponsor andy roddick, right? >> we do. >> reporter: he did get up set
7:55 am
in the open. it was a safe first serve. but you're still in the game. and i'll leave you there. and with that, look down this street because right now you see some people just enjoying coffee and getting the morning started. this will be turned into a lounge area. so you can shop and put your feet up and rest and then go out and power shop again. and if you wear out a pair of shoes, you can always buy a new one because right now we're going to talk with dennis wallace with the fashionistas and she'll talk about fall fashion trends when it comes to our feet. good morning. >> good morning. i'm here to talk about shoes. >> reporter: who doesn't like shoes. there might be a few of you out there but there is something wrong with you. what do we have going on? >> this is an amazing fall boot by lillie bean and it's two boots in one. >> reporter: stop it! >> you stop here and have a long-riding boot and then you choose to, it comes off to be a
7:56 am
great canvass. and this chocolate brown color is amazing and this comes in black. >> reporter: and this is a suede. >> and we betting mueller and these are tremendous because they slip upward. >> reporter: talk about getting more from your boot. we have less than 30 seconds. touch on a few other things. >> these are my favorite. >> these are kate spade and leopard print is the big deal. so these are fabulous by kate spade. >> reporter: and i notice the platform with a different texture on the bottom seems to be big. >> absolutely. this is what we call cut-out, plus the platform, so you are getting something very versatile. two for the price of one. you can wear them in the summer and in the fall with great tights. >> reporter: or you can wear them right now. i think they would fit me. is our website. we have a link to fashions night out. to find out more about what is going on or stay tuned to fox 5 because we're going to talk more style in the next hour. back to you.
7:57 am
>> looking forward to it, holly. >> please, holly. >> thank you. beautiful. >> you like it. 7:56. coming up after 8:00, kevin mccarthy will look at what we can expect at the box office. so we're looking at one or two upcoming films. they say some of the best things are in life are free. so we're looking at the best freebies out there. stay tuned. fox 5 morning news will be right back. some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
dozens of homed destroys overnight by a wind-whipped wildfire in the colorado foothills. and a week away from the d.c. big primary. the latest on the mayor race and new accusations that one city council candidate stole another candidate's signs. and back to school for many students in virginia. hear from the man in charge of arlington county school system ahead this hour. thanks for being with us this tuesday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and today is called terrible traffic tuesday because of the local school systems now back
8:01 am
in session and summer vacation over for most workers so you'll five more drivers out on the road today than in weeks past. what does this tell us? your patience is needed today, a little understanding of the volume on the roadways perhaps. >> the good news is good weather this morning. a little sunshine with the commute. >> sunshine delays headed east. present -- plenty of sunshine today. warmer than what we've had over the last couple of days. >> it makes it easier to transition back when at least the weather is nice. >> your absolutely right and that's what we've got. let me show you the current temperatures around the region. for the most part in the 60s. right now in the district, current temperature 69. dulles is at 64. baltimore is 62 degrees. patuxent naval air station is at 70. winchester 63. and in fredericksberg it's 68 degrees at this hour. satellite radar composite for the region, skys are clear this morning. a couple of clouds here and there but for the most part
8:02 am
present -- plenty of sunshine and a cloud-free day. and a lot of sunshine out there. and we could use some precipitation but we won't have any for the next several days the way things are looking now. here is your forecast for today. mostly sunny, warmer this afternoon. well above normal. our average high for today is 82 degrees. we're looking for a high of 89 degrees later on this afternoon. more about the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, tony. well that will make julie wright happy, as far as the traffic, we're not so sure. >> we've hit the ground running and police activity in an ongoing investigation blocking 270 at old georgetown road. you cannot exit off of 270 at old georgetown road. northbound 270 blocked at old georgetown and southbound blocked as well. this is due to a police investigation taking place over at rock forest drive and what the police officer here that was blocking all of the traffic coming off of northbound 270. and off the ramp from old
8:03 am
georgetown where you make the left turn and continue up toward rock cliff, that remains open. it's actually 270, the ramp to old georgetown road that remains closed off because of the ongoing investigation. southbound delays are still with you out of germantown toward the lane divide. traveling in virginia, 395 at the pentagon, still a slow roll across the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. another endorsement for mayor fenty. the washington examiner is now backing him in the race for mayor. and today we are one week out from primary elections which are key because the payor's race will likely be determined by the democratic party. sherry ly is live in southeast with more this morning. sherry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. this d.c. mayoral race has gotten quite heated in the run- up to the election. the two sides have clashed over the past few weeks and right now there are signs up for gray
8:04 am
but supporters of fenty came out and told me his signs were removed here. right now gray has the lead in polls, a sizable lead in his attempts to unseat mayor fenty. but this morning it is fenty who is getting the big endorsement from the washington examiner, even though he still has an uphill battle. the two candidates are at a final push with early voting in full swing already. fenty spent the labor day holiday working hard to rally supporters for a come-from- behind win. the incumbent mayor has become increasingly popular. gray is touting himself as the anti-fenty, promising to be more inclusive. he met with teachers and rallied with supporters yesterday. both are crisscrossing the campaign trail. and attacks are getting personal. >> and anybody who would question any member of my
8:05 am
family answering a question from the media about what impact it has on them, and then casting aspersions on them who is a political opponent or two, isn't aware of the circumstances. >> we want to hear from everybody. we want to hear from participants, teachers and administrators. and every decision may not go the way the people want to go, the people will feel like they've been heard and respected in the process. >> reporter: there is no republican running in the primary, so whoever wins the democratic primary should be a shoe-in in the general election coming november. early polls will open at 8:30 in the morning. this one here at hine junior high school in southeast. now in the endorsement of mayor fenty today the examiner said that vincent gray is a capable public servant and we do not fear disaster if he wins, but we are aware of no compelling
8:06 am
reason to elect him. moreover, there is no reason to fix what is not broken. and in its endorsement it cited fenty's success with improving schools, with financial stability of the city, with economic development and with reducing crime for reasons to endorse fenty. that's the latest here in southeast. allison, back to you. >> sherry, we do appreciate it. and now one candidate in ward 5 accusing another of stealing campaign signs. the owner of capital city diner said kathy henderson removed harry thomas and kwame brown signs from his restaurant and replaced them with fenty signs. it kaz caught outside of the restaurant on bladensberg road in northeast. mrs. henderson said she did this after a conversation with the diner owner. >> we talked about the signs and he asked me to remove the
8:07 am
signs and he said he put them up because he felt sorry for mr. thomas. >> it's fortunate that we have video surveillance because it shows what happened on that particular day and there is no disputing that. >> reporter: the diner's owner said he never asked henderson to remove anything from his property. he and council member thomas have filed police reports accusing that woman of theft. the race for maryland governor still neck and neck. o'malley and ehrlich showed up yesterday to campaign. they are tied for the third month in a rowment and this one could come down to the swing voters. >> still trying to make a decision. >> i'm still up in the air. >> still undecided. >> i'm just not sure who is going to make the better choices. >> to have this democratic of a county and this many undecided so late shows us that a lot of
8:08 am
people are unhappy today. >> this is not some new challenging who decided to roll out of bed and decide, golly, he wants to get to work. what did he do when he was in office. >> governor o'malley calls the new ad misleading. more area school kids head back to class. earlier we spoke with the superintendent of the arlington county public schools, including about changes. but dr. murphy said one of the most important things to remember is that it all starts at home. >> one of the things we continue to emphasize when we have excellent parent support here through county council and pta is parent engagement. we want to see parents at our schools, engaged in what is going on. >> in fairfax county teachers are expected to focus on high- quality learning and encourage students to explore specific
8:09 am
areas of study. and montgomery county police investigating a burglary at watkins mill high school in gaithersburg. the security alarm went off overnight and police discovered the building had been broken into. one person is in custody. police are still trying to determine if anything was taken. it's 8:09 right now on this tuesday morning. >> they say some of the best things in life are free. so coming up we are checking out a new list of the best freebies out there. but first an update on a developing story overnight. a wildfire in colorado that has already burned dozens of homes. the latest from boulder when we come back. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. about my fiber? not really. i care about your fiber too. i have for a while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. to a developing story out west where dozens of homes have been destroyed in a wind- whipped wildfire near boulder, colorado. >> firefighters are waiting for sunrise to count the number of homes burned but thousands of homes were evacuated. >> reporter: with a bird's eye view, neighbors huddle over boulder as heavy smoke cuts
8:13 am
through its sky library. >> i've been in boulder for 25 years and i've never seen fire like this. we always have fire but this is different. this is devastating. >> reporter: the fire started on monday and gusty winds fanned the flames. >> there was probably a dozen or more homes up in that area that went up. >> a lot of spoke -- smoke and ashes. >> reporter: many have faced the flames to grab what they can. >> i did have enough time to rescue the photos and kitty cat. >> my son left on his skateboard. >> reporter: the fire has consumed thousands of acres. 100 firefighters have been dispatched. this couple lost her home on the holiday. >> you have this huge wall of fire coming at you and i'm thinking i have to get out of here. >> i just drove through a wall of flames. >> i didn't think you were coming back. i thought you were gone, because it was so bad. >> reporter: hundreds spent the night in this shelter glued to the tv hoping their homes would be spared. >> if the house is gone,
8:14 am
everything is gone. >> reporter: steve rappa port, fox 5 news. we are off to a very good start today. very comfortable. >> and good news on top of that. >> before we get to the fine forecast for today, it is time for the my first 5 photo of the day. take a look. this is 2-year-old malia. well like the president's daughter. malia, striking a pose there. and she's very cute. and we're told she watched fox 5 morning news every day with her grandma. >> well good morning. >> we hope to see your picture. we like it. glad you sent it in. you're very, very cute. >> she's really cute. >> i love the fact that she might be watching. >> me too. >> say hi. >> i did say good morning. >> have a good day at wherever you are going today. because she might be going to school. >> she might be staying home. she's 2. to send us your child's picture go to
8:15 am and click on mornings. take a look right now. current temperature is 71 degrees. we've gone up to 71. relative humidity 70%. winds continue to be out of the south at 6 miles per hour. barometric pressure is on the rise. all right, here is a look at teams across the country. generally speaking, in the eastern half of the its it's a bit warmer. temperatures in the 60s, 70s and even 80s down to the south. in the western half, generally speaking, it is cooler. temperatures in the 40s and 50s behind a cold front that is eventually going to drop our temperatures for later this week. and here is a look at the satellite radar. over texas, this is -- in fact we just got the latest on tropical storm hermine moving across texas. here it is. maximum sustained winds are now 45 miles per hour. there are higher gusts. still dropping rain across that region. you can see a lot of activity in southern and central texas. a tropical storm warning in
8:16 am
effect for parts of that part of that country. high today about 89 degrees under sunny skies. warm, and warm tomorrow. more clouds tomorrow. thursday sunny and 80. that cold front comes through. friday your high in the upper 70s. saturday with a high in the low 80s. that's a look at the weather. now let's find out what is happening with traffic with julie wright. still very much a busy commute out there on the highways right now. especially if you are traveling in montgomery county. on going investigations block the ramp from 270 to exit at old georgetown road so the investigation is taking place at rock forest drive at this time and you'll find the ramps from 270 is blocked but 270 opened for business and as a result southbound traffic jammed up leaving germantown from father hurley down toward the lane divide and around toward old georgetown road. college park toward sale, inner loop slow into the sunshine between 355 and connecticut.
8:17 am
delay on randolph headed south and 95 is jammed up out of laurel to the beltway. 50 slow to the city and the pepsi plant. 66, heavy volume out of manassas. slow through the fair lakes interchanges and after nutley street to the beltway. dulles toll road is on the brakes from hunter mill toward 95. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. well everybody loves free stuff, right? kiplinger's personal finance is out with the fourth annual list of fabulous freebies and joining us to talk about it is doug harbreath. >> hi, allison. >> we do love the free stuff. what sort of goods and services did kiplinger look at? these are good ones. >> we search high and low all year long to try to come up with the best stuff we can. your money is no good here, but this is not just free stuff, this is valuable stuff that you can find online or if you pick up the phone, it's available in
8:18 am
a whole bunch of places and very, very valuable. >> and on the list, we pulled out five, we like to do that being channel 5. so we want to talk about free car repair help. tell us about this. >> well they won't fix your car for free, but repairp& offers an interesting service. you turn in the car and the make and model and zip code and your repair and it will give you a good estimate range of how much you can expect to pay for this particular repair. and then you can then shop around and they offer -- on the site they have both independent dealers and mechanics that also are rated by other users of this service so you can get an if idea of where to get the best field for your repair. >> and that educated person going in is invaluable. and free tech support is
8:19 am
another good one on the list. >> we like they offer tutorials but they have chat rooms where you go and they have free -- they have volunteer geeks who will answer your questions properly. you submit a question and they'll answer it for you. >> and they like to be called geeks, just don't send us any mail. >> and one other thing too, i tried this just this weekend, i was at cosco or if you remember cosco or sam's, they will help you -- they'll talk you through, tech support. they want to know you purchased a product at their store but they'll help you too. >> a lot of folks looking to better themselves and we love this free education information. tell us about that. >> this is very, very cool. little john but johns hopkins, m.i.t. offer courses online. you can take a course at like notre dame university or m.i.t.
8:20 am
you don't get credit for it. >> you can't say you went to m.i.t. or put it on your resume. >> no. however if you are looking to better yourself, this is wonderful. and also they have more than 250,000 down loads of tutorial classes and all kinds of information from 600 universities from oxford, yale, stanford. >> what a good way to spend some down time. and free prescription drugs. and you list different grocery stores. and giant and wegman's here in our area offer this. tell us about this. >> they are not offering it now. but come cold and flu season, last year both of these outlets offered free antibiotics during cold and flu season. but of course you need the doctor's prescription, but you'll get a preprescription for aoxa sillin or pena sillin or other antibiotics. >> and for your birthday you
8:21 am
want to have something to go out to eat, and here in our area where can you go and splurge on your birthday. >> you have to sign up first. but famous days, cold stone creamery, denny's, if you sign up and give them proof it is your birthday, you get free food on your birthday. and check this out by typing in free birthday and you'll see the list. >> and how many on the list when you pick it up on the magazine. >> it's only online. and not only do we offer 33 goods and services that are free, but we have readers and viewers who have also posted some suggestions on our website and we remember everybody take a look. >> we all love the free stuff. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> steve over to you. 8:21 on this terse morn --
8:22 am
this this tuesday morning. and coming up, money with bring you happiness and how much you might need. and big shopper discounts in order to help the economy and raise money for a good cause with holly. so stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back. in case of everyday emergencies, it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are.
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8:25 am
montgomery county police investigating a shooting that happened. a man was shot during what appeared to be a robbery attempt on moon ridge drive in germantown. the victim was taken to a hospital. his condition still unknown. police believe as many as four people may have been involved in this incident. so far no arrests. in the district police are investigating a shooting overnight as well where officers responded to gunshots on clay place northeast around 3:00 this morning. they arrived to find a man who had been shot in the back. he was taken to the hospital. police are looking into whether this was related to two other shootings over the weekend that happened within a few blocks of each other. one of nine teen ager who's helped change the face of the civil rights movement in the nation has died. jefferson thomas was one of the little rock 9, a group of black teenagers who integrated central high school. it was the first test of the
8:26 am
desegregation order. they were awarded the national congressional of honor. he died of pancreatic cancer. he was 64 years old. back to school usually exciting time for students. >> but some are terrified because of bullies. why they are common and tips on how to combat them. summer might be over but the sun is still out so kennedy the weather dog getting a treat today and boy does he like that. ice cream made for dogs. stay with us. that's good, isn't it. go back for more. this is how we get him to move apr. stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back. you enjoy that kennedy, it will be hot out today.
8:27 am
it's time for a mayor who will end the cronyism and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city.
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[ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are. 8:29 now. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. we'll check in with tucker barnes to look at our forecast
8:30 am
for this tuesday, a day after labor day. always a letdown for some people but a beautiful day. >> hot out there. our temperature trend in the upper 80s and maybe 90 but the cooldown. a cold front coming through late in the day tomorrow. and we'll be struggling to get to 80 by thursday and friday. so fall weather here to stay, along with back to school. 71 at reagan national. temperatures warmer than thebou 66 out in gaithersburg. we're 65 to start the morning in hagerstown. 70 in quantico. warmer toward the water with annapolis at 71 and leonardtown 72. and so warmer than yesterday. yesterday mid-80s and a few of us will touch 90s this afternoon. we can expect sunshine and quiet weather. that frontal system off to the north, bringing clouds and a couple of light showers to upstate new york and here is our next weather feature. i know it doesn't look impressive and it will not bring us any rain. we've gone two weeks without
8:31 am
rain. but it will bring us cooler and drier air and that will aform in the form -- that will arrive in the form of cooler air. and that will but through the weekend. a lot of sunshine and quite warm. average temperature is 72, about 7 degrees above average. the overnight tonight on the warm side as we wait for the arrival of the cold front tomorrow. a few more clouds tomorrow with 88 and cooler and drier air and lower humidity on thursday, friday and saturday. that's a good look at the forecast. that will do it for me. back to you at the desk. and it's back to cool time. unfortunately with the new school year comes new anxiety for youngsters who are the victims of bullying. >> gurvir got some tips on how to stop the cycle of physical and emotional violence. >> reporter: bullying is becoming all too common these days and in some cases even leading to death.
8:32 am
so what can you do as a parent to keep your child from being bullied or keeping your child from being the bully. dawn mcintyre knows about empowering young women and she's joining us. dawn, thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> and when we talk about bullying, it's not where somebody might hit you on a playground. how has bullying changed? >> bullying has changed because it's more subtle in its form and it involves emotional and mental bullying, poutdowns, criticism, it takes teasing to the next level. but it is the same thing as bullying. >> and we're not just talking about boys here. we're talking about girls. how is it different between the way that perhaps boys might bully and what girls are doing these days? >> boys may tend to be more physical whereas the girls will
8:33 am
just be very hurtful in what they say to other girls. >> and so when you say it can be kind of hurtful, somebody might say sticks and stones might break my bones but names will never heard me. you've heard that old rime. if you are saying something ugly about somebody, what does that really matter? >> well because in the definition, the new definition of bullying, it is something that is emotionally or mentally or physically violates the being of another person. so constant criticisms -- sometimes you can say something off the cuff and not mean it and apologize and when it's done repeatedly and maliciously, then that is a problem. >> and so tell me as a parent what you should be looking for if you feel your child may be being bullied? >> if you feel your child is being bullied and they are not
8:34 am
talking about it, what happens is they become more withdrawn after they come home from school and they will not talk to you about it. and then i just encourage parents in that instance to get to know who their friends are and develop a more trusting bond between you and the child so that they will feel comfortable in sharing feelings with you. and also be aware that one of the underlying emotions that a person who is being bullied will carry is shame. so if you suspect your child is being bullied, come right out and say there is nothing to be ashamed of. >> and we talk about cyber bullying, because it's easier to type something on a computer or text somebody on a telephone than it is to say something to somebody's face. and you are about empowering young women and making them feel good about themselves and your new book is all about that. tell us what we can do to help
8:35 am
our young girls feel better about themselves. >> instill in them a solid sense of who they are by helping them develop a value system. also help them be aware that values will change as they grow. but if a child knows what they value, it gives them a sense of themselves, that they know what to say yes and no to. also teach your child to learn how to say yes and no. that it's appropriate to say no to something that will interfere with the value system. another thing you can do is really pay attention as mothers especially who have mother's intuition, we know what is right and perfect about our children and what their strengths are and play those up. make those the main focus of conversation and that will go a long way in developing a child's sense of themselves and healthy self esteem and self
8:36 am
confidence. >> thank you so much. i hope somebody gets some good tips from what we had to share this morning. >> thank you very much. >> and the book is called u-10. and we do have breaking news out of montgomery county. up above 270, the west spur of 270 shut down because of police activity. the ramp to old georgetown road is now closed. police say this is all because of a domestic -- domestic situation along rock forest drive. a man is said to have fired gunshots at his ex girl friend and took off. they are searching for him so they had to shut down the ramp. two schools have been placed on code blue. that means no one is allowed in or out of the schools. and the ramp is closed right now and we'll give you information as soon as we get it. 8:36 on this tuesday morning.
8:37 am
there is a new report saying money can buy you happiness. we'll tell you how much you may need. and then some swimmers will be upset to hear that d.c. only has one pool open. the d.c. pool is heated and so it won't close until mid- october. stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
8:38 am
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welcome back. if you're looking for work check out our job shop. our job of the day is at women for women international in d.c. it provides women survivors of war, civil strive and other -- strife and other events. for more on this job go to and you'll find it on the top of the home page. and a new report out of richmond's commonwealth institute shows that women in virginia earn an average of 81 cents for every dollar that men make and the difference is larger than in most other states. the hourly wage gap between the sexes in virginia in 2008 was $3.59. with a yearly income and median income working out to nearly $16,000 a year. >> for the same job, they ought to get the same pay. >> disappointing as a woman.
8:41 am
>> i don't believe that it's conscious. i think that it takes a really long time to completely work through the kind of gaps that we have had. >> some of the more visible gender gaps include restaurant and food service industry and health care. experience and discrimination are said to play a role here. we've heard money can't buy happiness but according to a new report it k. researchers from princeton said people's emotional well being increases with income but only up about to $75,000 a year. they say earning more than that can give you a sense of achievement but does not make for increased happiness or overall satisfaction. >> that's an interesting number. >> apparently that's the point where they feel you can make ends meet. >> right. okay. >> take care of yourself and your family.
8:42 am
coming up next on this tuesday morning. >> movie reviewer kevin mccarthy shows us what we can expect at the box office this summer. hello, holly. >> reporter: this weekend is fashions night out in georgetown. look at all of these beautiful people. i must be in georgetown, right? we'll tell what you is hot and what is not and how you can style yourself this weekend next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
8:43 am
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it's cool how the union makes it almost impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dc's teachers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at thanks, teachers unions. 8:45 right now. now that summer blockbusters are out of the way, movie fans want to know what is coming up between now and the big releases of the holiday season and there are big names in movies coming up this fall. so joining us now movie reviewer kevin mccarthy with 106.7 the fan. and take a deep breath and we'll try to get as many as we can. you started with the top ten.
8:46 am
and we'll start with the town. >> ben affleck approved he's an amazing director if you saw gone baby gone. and i don't know what i would do in that situation at the end of the movie. the town and a huge cast, it's a bank robber film and takes place in charles town, massachusetts and they get involved in a heist. it's interesting and i'm looking forward to see it, premiering on september 17th. >> and the latest wall street movie. and we've talked about michael douglas' health conditions. >> i'm a big fan of the first movie. he won best actor. and this is the first oliver stone sequel he's directed. this takes place 23 years later. gecko gets out of prison and tries to warn wall street about the economic crisis about to
8:47 am
occur. it looks great, the trailer is great. i hope it can live up to the first one. >> probably one of those movies people will see because it's a second version. >> and then meg and the man meets her on facebook and he shows up what telling her and the last 40 minutes are the most intense film making ever seen. and the question is, is it real or fake? the directors have been saying, we film this guy all of the time, one of the director's brothers and we film him and we happened to capture this story on film. i don't know if it's real. it could be a big marketing deal but it's fascinating. >> and there is a movie about facebook and how it came to be. >> the social network. directed by david fincher, the guy from benjamin button.
8:48 am
facebook is not happy with the film. it portrays the founders, considering they are partyers and taking place -- it's going to be a masterful film. justin timberlake, andrew garfield, who is the new spider- man. >> that opens october 1st and two other movies, let me in and buried. >> buried is ryan reynolds 6 feet underground in a coffin for 95 minutes. he has a lighter and cell phone and that's all he has. >> is it just him? >> just him. >> does it work? >> there are other actors on the phone but takes place inside the coffin for 95. >> interesting to see if it will keep viewer's attention. >> what is let me in. >> this is call -- this is about a young kid being bullied in school. he he makes friends with a young female vampire and she helps him get through school by
8:49 am
killing people. >> we have four more, so quickly johnny knoxville's latest, this is to different except in 3-d. paranormal activeity 2. can the second one live up to the hype? >> the first movie is the most profitable film of all time. it had a great return on investment. >> they only spend 15,000 to make it. >> i'm guessing this budget is a bit more. >> and hopefully lives up to the hype. apparently the trailers were ripped because it was too frightening for theaters. >> and due date, this is the same guy that brought us the hangover. >> yes, robert downey, jr., and it looks hilarious, forge road trip movie and an amazing director. >> should be fun and take abreak as we get closer to the holidays and the cold weather sits in. and harry potter. >> opens on november 19th.
8:50 am
now this is the first part. they are dividing this into two parts to make more money. >> just like with twilight. >> this will be a 2 d movie converted to 3-d which i'm not fan of but i am looking forward to the battle. the trailer is amazing. i did love harry potter of 3, 4 and 5. >> and we have ten to choose from. which one do you look forward to the most. >> the town. i love ben affleck. i love gone baby gone. and buried. could you imagine watching a movie six feet underground for 95 minutes in a coffin. >> no, i can't. i'll have to see if that plays out. and the town opening up soon. thanks, buddy. see you again soon. allison, back to you. well from films to fashion now, more than 60 merchants in the d.c. style district will be taking part in fashions night out. and today holly is in georgetown to learn more about this very stylish event. holly, good morning.
8:51 am
>> reporter: it is stylish. and if you're at home now going i love georgetown but it's tough to get around, martin show how easy it will be to get around on friday. they'll have petty cabs available as part of the night out. nancy enjoying the morning ride with me from the georgetown business district. so tell me about the logistics. >> we'll have the capital petty cab passion night out rides and so when they show the purchase, they'll have a slew of them at four stops throughout georgetown and we'll have the georgetown blue bus providing free shuttle bus service. >> reporter: and i heard that cirque du soleil would be part of this. >> they are sending their group to the streets to show them how to bug dance. >> martin, that will be the greatest ride. >> reporter: we're talking to vendors and that brings me up
8:52 am
to lost boys and kelly machio. >> we specialize in having men look their greatest. and the editor of urban daddy is here to be our model today. this is before. this is jeff, he came into georgetown at 7:00 a.m. >> reporter: who is that guy? >> and minutes later and here he is. sporting the full fall fashion. so we're doing transitions and old-fashioned shoe shines. >> reporter: and you can get your shoes shined and get a shake and a little stella art wau -- artoia. >> we're giving these away on friday night. >> reporter: you both look
8:53 am
fabulous by the way. we have one male model and two for five women's models, or i should say six because i should include lindsey busher with urban chic. so good morning to you. and we're talking about being chic and friday you'll help everybody with the fall trends. >> we're having an awesome heritage trunk show. we have someone coming in to do hair. we're so excited and this is so much a big deal for georgetown. >> reporter: and let's have our fashion show and do it. first we have a cozy sweater, oversized, really warm, fun sweater. love it. leopard, seeing it everywhere. we have rebecca taylor vest, we have awesome cargo jeans that are the rage for the season. and then we have bomber which is fur slash military. we hit both trends with that.
8:54 am
and then we have the rebecca taylor russell coat. >> reporter: i love that coat. >> a fan favorite. love it. and we have the rebecca mink bag with the studs. and then last but not least, we have the awesome leopard scarf which is always an easy accessory to touch up with the trend and corduroy juggings which is so comfortable. >> reporter: so i'm thinking the one thing we need this year is leopard. >> yes. >> reporter: and usually these are long pants on normal people. but this tall drink of water, they are shorter. you are all gorgeous. >> we want to thank the artist agencies to sending us these beautiful models to us today. >> reporter: i love it. is our website. we have a link to fashion's night out from 6:00 to 11:00 this friday in georgetown.
8:55 am
coming up in the next hour, i don't know but word is hall warden might show up, the 6th housewife and mary's daughter might show up here too. who know what will happen. >> and holly, that elevates it a whole other level. >> reporter: don't i know it. >> that will do it for me. it's 8:55. tony will join allison for another hour of fox 5 morning news after this. and coming up after 9:00, find out about a brother and sister that racked up nearly $10,000 in a cell phone bill. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. >> what? painful. yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin!
8:56 am
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coming up on the 9:00 hour, here is a look at stories we're working on. a florida preacher sparking international controversy this morning. >> this action will probably offend muslims just like i am
8:59 am
offended when they burn the bible or the american flag. >> that action he's talking about is burning the coran on september 11th. it has sparked protests in afghanistan and now a warning from the u.s. commander in that country. more on the controversy coming up. plus we're heading into flu season and that means it's time for flu shots but is it too early for the vaccination and is there a difference between the shot you get at your doctor's office and the one at a local grocery store. we have the details. and we'll tell you how facebook ended up costing one family nearly $10,000. it's a story you're going to want to hear before updating your page from the road. >> wow. all right. welcome. it is 9:00. i'm tony perkins. >> this is the 9:00 show. yeah, did you say that already? >> no. i'm just saying, we haven't been together in a while. >> no. we haven't. it's nice to be together. >> i'm happy about it. >>

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